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3 Helpful Lessons From a Snow Day

By January 25, 2019October 23rd, 2023No Comments


As I looked out the window delighting in the falling snow, I remembered how I loved a snow day when our kids were little. The thrill of a snow day! A welcome break from the school routine.

When the kids were still at home, we often made cookies and enjoyed hot cocoa. Not a good idea for me now though. As a recovering food addict that would be a poor choice.

However, I didn’t relish the break from my routine this time.

There was too much to do. But the howling wind, driving snow, and dark foreboding skies helped me rethink my day. What did this “forced break” make possible?

The answer to my simple question was obvious. I couldn’t go anywhere, so it was an opportunity to work on that project staring me in the face. You know the one—has to be done but overwhelming to think about. So, on this snow day, I just started.

A funny thing happened while starting the project.

I felt guilt and shame.

Guilt that I hadn’t completed this project before this day.

Shame that I’d procrastinated so long it now overwhelmed.

What do you do when guilt and shame attack?

  1. Acknowledge your feelings.

If it helps, say your feelings out loud. Sometimes the act of hearing them helps you recognize their validity or not.  I learned this lesson during recovery from my depression.

  1. Ask God to forgive you.

Feelings often feel very real. But they aren’t always the truth. By taking your guilt and shame to God and asking Him to forgive you, you remove the billy club Satan wants to use against you.

  1. Move forward.

Don’t let your feelings and Satan’s attack stop you. If God forgives you, then forgive yourself. See yourself forgiven and white as the snow that falls. Don’t let the dirty snow of your sin bury you under its weight. When your kids ask you for forgiveness, do you grant it and forget it or continue to remind them of their failure? Give yourself the same courtesy.

The snow and winds stopped, and the sun came out. And with the sun came a beautiful reminder.

Watch this short video clip [minute and a half].

In your snowy storm or sunshine and sand, open your heart, eyes, and ears to the lesson God has for you. Then, thank Him for it.

Do you believe God forgives you for everything? Why or why not? Leave a comment below.

If you need help, please reach out. I promise to listen without judgment and help you take the next step.

  • Kirsten D Samuel

    I empower Christian wives to discover they are seen, loved, and heard. These women find the freedom to be who they are beyond their partner’s struggles, and find hope that there is a life worth living.