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Have you lost your why?

By January 10, 2017December 23rd, 2020No Comments

If you are like most of the world, you’ve likely abandoned some, if not all, of your New Year’s resolutions. I get it. By this time, I’ve abandoned most of them too.

Why? Because resolutions aren’t attached to your “why”. They are things you know you “should” do, but you haven’t really attached a “why” to your “should”.

I love these wise words from Gail Hyatt:

“People lose their way when they lose their why.”

For instance, here’s a resolution I’ve set for more years than I care to count: get to a healthy weight.

Maybe you can identify with that resolution.

Problem: I like food. Not just for keeping me alive, but because I like different textures, tastes, concoctions, and confections. Especially the confections. Yeah, that’s always my downfall.

I never kept this resolution because I didn’t have a why.

Things changed a few years ago. I had a choice to make—either go on pretty strong medications for the rest of my life to balance certain chemical levels in my body; OR, change my eating habits and allow my body to reboot.

I tried the drugs; my body revolted. However, now I had my why.

For three years, I made a more concerted effort to reframe my addiction to food. However, six months ago, I sabotaged my body once again.

Because I lost my why.

January 1 marked stepping back into my why, once again remembering that a healthy body is more important than food.

Here’s my why:

I want to be around to enjoy abundant life with my husband, my children, my grandchildren, and my friends for as long as physically possible.

In order to do that, I must maintain a healthy-for-me lifestyle which includes the food I put in my mouth on a daily basis.

This isn’t a resolution, it is a goal. It is measurable, has a timeline, and mini-milestones along the way. When I hit those mini-milestones, I’m going to celebrate—but not with food. 😉

Here’s 5 steps to set a well-defined goal:

  1. It has a timeline. You know when it begins and when it ends. Set a date and go for it.
  2. It is measurable. How will you know when you’ve achieved the goal? “Lose 5 pounds a month for six months beginning February 1” is measurable.
  3. It is written down. Believe it or not, goals that are written down are 42% more likely to be achieved.
  4. It is clear. For instance, this isn’t clear – “Spend more time with my family.” But, “Leave work for home at 5:30 p.m. every day to have dinner with my family” is very clear.
  5. It has a compelling why. If you don’t know the reason to keep this goal, you probably won’t accomplish it. Identify your compelling “why”.

What resolution did you set that needs to become a well-defined goal with a compelling why? Don’t beat yourself up about abandoning the resolution. Turn it into a goal. You can do it. But do it today. I believe you can.

Live your legacy today,

Kirsten D. Samuel
Aftershock Recovery Coach
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