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Would you speak to your best friend this way?

By February 1, 2017February 23rd, 20242 Comments
would you speak

Amy muttered as she cleaned up the mess she’d just made. “Well, that was stupid. I’m such a klutz. Always dropping things, creating more work for myself. Honestly!”

Ever hear this conversation in your head over the simplest mistake? I know I do.

Ephesians 4:29 (New Living Translation) says:

Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.

Way too often you and I have these running conversations in our heads filled with negative, hurtful words. This verse applies to how we speak to ourselves as well as to others. Notice the words in Amy’s conversation:

Creating more work.

If your best friend had just done the same thing, would you speak the same way to her? No!

Instead, you’d encourage her with your words and probably help clean it up. Depending on the situation, you’d probably both be laughing.

Why do we beat ourselves up for being human?

As women who manage a truckload of different schedules and responsibilities, it’s time to be as gentle with ourselves as we are with our best friend. It’s time to speak words of truth and encouragement to ourselves.

Today, please take a deep breath when you have a “human moment.” Before you speak negative words in your head, speak words of encouragement instead. Stop and ask if you would talk this way to a friend. If destructive words jump to the forefront, tell them to buzz off. Let them know you are beautifully created in God’s image. You are human, which means you make mistakes, and mistakes are not fatal.

Mistakes are simply opportunities to learn and grow.

How have you learned to speak kindly to yourself during frustrating situations? I’d love to learn your tricks. Leave a comment below.

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Thanks! You’re amazing!

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  • I agree that we ought to speak the truth in love, but also know that it is best that we judge ourselves so that we won’t be judged. Yes, we will never measure up, which is why we rely on the righteousness of Christ who’s paid our sin debt in full. Thanks for sharing,Kirsten!

  • That was something different and encouraging..Thank you.