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What Mom Lies Do You Believe? 

By October 22, 2015June 24th, 2019No Comments
mom lies

Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.”

One thing I struggled with as a young mom was being a “good” mom. I looked at moms around me and tried to emulate them.

The problem was I wasn’t them. I was me. But, I didn’t know who “me” really was. So how could I be true to me?

And was”me” good enough?

Through many learning opportunities, mistakes that resulted in bruised knees or hands, and downright failures, I discovered that I was the right mom for my kids. More importantly, who I was was good enough.

Do you struggle with who you are as a mom?

Do you believe the lies you are telling yourself?

You’re not alone. Many moms are tempted to believe the mom lies. But there is hope!

Click here to download The Top 5 Lies Moms Believe. I’m offering it free for a limited time.

I hope you are encouraged.

The truth is you are the right mom for your child. Don’t believe the mom lies. 

Let me know how you are doing and how I can encourage you. Thanks for reading.

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