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What A Modern-Day Virgin Mary Means To You

By December 6, 2017January 27th, 2023No Comments
modern day virgin mary

Mel laughed at her friends, Sarah and Shelly, almost dropping their phones while Joe and Pete walked by. By the distracted looks on their faces, she knew they were crushing over the guys again.

Mel traded out her first hour books for the next two classes, shut her locker, and waved in Sarah and Shelly’s general direction.

Weaving through the crowded halls, she headed to the nearest stairwell. A quick glance at the clock showed she had just enough time if she moved quickly. Rounding the corner, Mel ran smack into….

“Oh,” she exclaimed. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you.”

Thoroughly embarrassed, she quickly glanced up at the man.

“Hello, beautiful one,” the man said. “God is with you.”

Mel’s jaw dropped open as she began to back away. Who was this guy? She looked around her, but the halls were strangely empty. Everything seemed frozen.

“Don’t be afraid, Mel,” the man said reassuringly. “God’s noticed you and is delighted with you.”

Mel continued to back up, her heart thumping loudly. This was too weird. She wanted to call for help, but as she looked at the man, her thumping heart slowed. She stopped moving and stared at him.

“Why does he look like that–like he’s glowing?” she thought.

“Mel, you’re going to have a baby. More precisely, you’re going to have a son. You will call him, Jesus. He will be God’s son and will save the world.

Mel looked around her. This was unreal. “Excuse me. That’s not possible. For one thing, I’m not old enough to be a mom. Secondly, I’ve never been with a boy. It’s a physical impossibility to be pregnant. Joey and I JUST updated our status, but … that’s it. Seriously. My ‘rents would have a cow if I told them I was pregnant.”

The man continued, “This child is no ordinary child. Like I said, he is God’s son. You believe God can do anything, right?”

Mel hesitated … then barely nodded her head. “I must be dreaming. Where is my phone? Did I walk into the wall? Hit my head? This is crazy.” She reached up to check her head for any lumps.

“Trust me, God doesn’t kid about things like this,” He said. And then he was gone.

Just like that.

As Mel looked around to see where the guy went, she heard voices once again. Classmates scurrying toward classrooms before the bell rang.

Unable to move, unable to process what just happened, Mel leaned against the wall.

“I must have passed out. Hit my head. This has to be a weird dream.”

She turned toward the nurse’s office.

Suddenly she didn’t feel good.

“I think I’m getting the flu,” she thought. And she raced toward the bathroom.

Historically, Mary was most likely 12-13 years old when Gabriel, the angel, appeared to her. Imagine your daughter, a seventh or eighth grader, with a tale like Mary’s.

Imagine Mary. A budding young woman. Just beginning to learn what it means to not be under her dad’s care.

What faith did it take for Mary to believe what Gabriel said was real?

What courage did it take to face the backlash and doubt from her parents, her friends, her boyfriend, her relatives, her neighbors?

Would you believe your daughter if she told you, “God got me pregnant?”

This Christmas season, walk in Mary’s shoes a bit. Talk a stroll down her road.

Remove your romantic, preconceived notions of Mary. Realize that she was a real, flesh and blood person like you and me who accepted an extraordinary assignment from God.

What assignment does God have for you?

If you need help, please reach out. I promise to listen without judgment and help you take the next step.


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