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The Truth about Choosing an Abundant Life Perspective

By July 1, 2015June 24th, 2019One Comment

Pam looked at her checkbook, sensed the prompting to write the check knowing this would just about empty her account. Yet, the prompting grew stronger. There was a need she could meet. Her choice? Choose to live abundantly or choose to believe the lie that she wouldn’t have enough.

What would you choose?

I’ve had to ponder this scenario many times recently.

And I’m not just talking about finances.

The scarcity mindset is rooted in fear

  • not enough money
  • not enough time
  • not enough resources
  • not enough privacy
  • not enough space
  • not enough worth celebrating

Not enough.

The abundance mindset is rooted in trust

  • I have what I need
  • I have the same amount of time as everyone else
  • I get to participate in life
  • I am blessed with work
  • I have space
  • I celebrate extraordinary moments today


It’s very hard for those of us who live in the United States to understand how much we truly have. But, travel outside the boundaries of the United States, and your mind, heart, and eyes are opened to the truth of our astronomical abundance – financial, possessions, homes, opportunities, education, freedom.

I’m learning this lesson each day. I’m also confronted with this choice each day.

Can you relate?

So how to you combat the scarcity mindset? How do I choose to live abundantly no matter what?

For many years, I believed “not enough.” And I lived in that lie, that fear. But a few years ago, through a very wise counselor, I recognized the lie. Since then I’m learning to combat the fear — yes it is still there — with the truth:

  • I have all the resources I need
  • I am enough – not perfect, but enough
  • I am uniquely gifted for every task that comes my way
  • I choose to be generous
  • I am blessed with a home
  • I am grateful for my life
  • I reject fear
  • I believe failure makes me stronger
  • I don’t have to understand everything just take the next step
  • I can create personal space wherever I am

The pull to live the scarcity mindset is insidious. Michael Hyatt recently talked about changing our words to reflect an abundance mindset. In the podcast, Watch Your Mouth, he said it’s as simple as changing one word, “I get to…” instead of “I have to…” He goes on to say, “What if it turned out most of our burdens were really benefits we missed because of the words we used to describe them?

Such a simple, subtle change; such a profound truth.

Simply stated, I choose today to live in abundance. I reject fear and the scarcity lie. I’m paying attention to my words and how they affect my attitude about life.

In the Bible it says, “…for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”

My deep desire is to have a heart full of abundance in every aspect of my life. I fail often. But I learn from each failure and take the next step in abundance.

What will you choose today? Abundance or scarcity? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Capture the extraordinary moments in the ordinariness of today.

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One Comment

  • bethanypalmer says:

    Kirsten – yes life is a choice and I choose abundance. I appreciate your words – thank you! PS – Security Seekers are known for being fearful of the unknown and living with one myself, I know, it is a new choice to be made each and every day!!