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Being Present

The Grass is Always Greener…Grass

By August 20, 2014December 28th, 20203 Comments

A couple of days ago, while walking near our home, I noticed a horse straining through the fence to grab some grass. And I giggled to myself at the silliness of his actions. The grass he was working so hard to eat didn’t look any different than the grass on his side of the fence. What was it about that grass that made him strain so hard to reach it? Why do horses do that? Shaking my head in amazement, I continued on.

And then, Wham! I felt the two-by-four smack the side of my head. Reality check. I do the same thing!

What makes us silly humans strain to reach something just outside our grasp? What makes us look at what we have, where we live, who we live with and believe that there is something better? Why is enough not enough?


Webster defines discontentment this way; “lack of contentment; dissatisfaction; restless desire for something more or different.”

In contrast, Webster defines contentment as “happy enough with what one has or is; not desiring something more or different; satisfied.”

As I continued my walk, I started listing my daily blessings:

  • I get to live in a semi-rural community that is quiet
  • I am privileged to see wildlife every day
  • Each evening I can look out and marvel at the expanse of the sky unobstructed by city lights
  • I have a home
  • I can drink clean water any time I reach for it
  • My family is safe and healthy
  • I enjoy more than enough food every day and if I need more, the store is close by with everything I might possibly need
  • I have access to good medical care
  • I have more than enough clothes

Satisfied. Content. Enough.

It is a very rare thing to meet with people who say that they have enough. Charles H. Spurgeon


The writer, Paul, says it this way:

I’ve learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. I’m just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I’ve found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Philippians 4:11-12

Satisfied. Content. Enough.

What are you straining for that’s the same grass? Are you willing to be content with enough? Will I choose today to see that my ordinary is extraordinary?

Take a few moments today to write down each of your blessings. Then would you let me know about one or two of them?

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