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Stop and Listen to the Giggles

By June 3, 2015December 7th, 20203 Comments

Hearing their giggles, I slowed my steps and just watched. A group of children bending down, knees up to their chins, intently focused on something.

Giggles. Exclamations. Smiles. One child startled and quickly moving back. More giggles.

I couldn’t hold back a smile. Captivated by their delight.

Pretty soon, one of the children abruptly stood up, stamped her foot, and announced, “I got it!”

More giggles.

Then off they scampered to a new adventure. Oblivious to my presence.

Memories flood my heart and mind.


Quiet early morning discussions with each other.

Blowing on dandelions.

An active child climbs in my lap just to snuggle. Unfathomable treasure.

Kissing sweet sleeping faces before I go to bed.

Sweaty, sticky arms-flung-around-the-neck hugs.

Wide-eyed wonder as they watch the big screen for the first time.

For a short time you experience being the center of your child’s world. Your child believes you have all the answers. Your child believes you can conquer anything.

Faith. Trust. Unhindered love.

Yes, there are struggles. But, just for this moment, stop and listen to the giggles instead.

Embrace the extraordinary privilege of parenthood. Express thankfulness for your child or children.

Absorb the fleeting moment and fully live in it.

Parenting, like no other experience in life, is simultaneously the most rewarding and heart-wrenching.

These moments blow away with the wind. My heart is full.

As Ruth Harms Calkin stated, “Thank you God for children with merry eyes and trusting smiles and giggles that never stop. Remind us often that Parenthood is more than an endless task—it is a sacred trust from You!”

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