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10 Ideas to Make Thanksgiving Fun for Your Kids

By November 13, 2017January 27th, 2023No Comments
fun for your kids

Thanksgiving can be a long day for kids.

Honestly even adults find it hard to wait for the delicious meal you know is coming.

The smell of the turkey and the stuffing cooking wafting over your senses. The sight of delicious pies waiting on the counter to be devoured. Are you salivating?

Why would it be any different for your kids?

Instead of telling them to go and play, or listening to their whining, why not do some early preparation.

Here’s some suggestions to keep your kids occupied and out from under your feet:

  • Have snacks pre-cut into little portions and easily accessible
  • Divvy up the meal prep with other adults
  • Reserve a new, special movie they can watch
  • Plan a scavenger hunt in the backyard complete with fun prizes
  • Let them make some simple decorations for the table (and proudly display them)
  • Designate an older teen or adult to conduct a story time about Thanksgiving
  • Let the kids help prepare a dish or two
  • Have a kids table covered in butcher or kraft paper, grab some crayons, markers, and stickers and let them decorate their “tablecloth”
  • Set up puzzles or games

Try a quick Google search for some fun activity ideas:

There’s plenty more ideas online to spark your creativity. Pick your favorite(s) and take some time to prepare. Hopefully these suggestions encourage you that with a little planning and effort you and your kidss can enjoy the day together.

What are some ways you keep your kids occupied and enjoying the fun of the Thanksgiving holiday?

Leave a comment below to share your brilliance with fellow moms.

If you need help, please reach out. I promise to listen without judgment and help you take the next step.

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