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Hello, The Hopecast Podcast listeners!

Most couples with a difficult marriage or marital crisis wait 6 years to get help.

But the brave take action. That’s you!

It takes courage to admit you could use some help. Taking that first step is important. And this book is a great first step.

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As a pastor, I see the devastation pornography and depression causes to individuals, marriages, and families. It’s not something we choose to talk about often, but it is real and destroying lives and marriages. This book, Choosing a Way Out, chooses to tackle these subjects carefully and honestly. Brady Boyd, Senior Pastor, New Life Church
Do you believe it is possible to recover from addiction and depression? In Choosing a Way Out you will walk with Kirsten and her husband, Dave, through the pain and reality of a secret life that threatened to end their marriage… As you read their story, you’ll find hope for the wounds you carry as you learn a proven method to heal from devastating lies and step into faith-filled freedom. Joanne F. Miller author of Creating a Haven of Peace

In each episode, Rachael provides valuable insight and resources to you, her listeners. It was a privilege to have this conversation with her and share this resource with you.

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In this video, my husband and I talk candidly about the miraculous restoration of our marriage after he confessed his pornography addiction.