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From One Mom To Another On Mother’s Day: You’re The Best!

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mother's day

Mother’s Day is Sunday. Here’s your reminder. 🙂

Mom. Mother. Mama. Mum. Mommy. You may be called by many different names, but they all mean the same thing.

Mom—a name you wear with pride. Right?

My mom taught me to:

  • Love others well
  • Be grateful
  • Cook well
  • Love my husband even when you disagree
  • Be available to my children
  • Admit my mistakes and ask forgiveness
  • Listen to my children
  • Create a home more than a beautiful house.
  • Practice hospitality regularly
  • Love Jesus with my whole heart
  • Trust Jesus in all things

This is not an exhaustive list, trust me. But, I’m forever grateful, Mom, especially for leading me to Jesus.

Not Perfect

My mom is not perfect. She never has been and never will be. But, she is a beautiful example to me of a woman who loves with her whole heart, who desires to follow Jesus above all, and is devoted to her family.

How about you? On this Mother’s Day, you may have thankful memories of your mom. Or, you may have painful ones.

Here are three truths to focus on this Mother’s Day:

  1. Mommying is more about being present than being perfect.

    We all make mistakes. Moms make mistakes. Dads make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. You are going to make mistakes. Mistakes are part of everyday life. It’s what you do when you make the mistake that has the most impact.

A pastor once said to me, “If God, as the perfect parent, doesn’t raise perfect children, why do we as imperfect parents believe we can raise perfect children?” Think about that. When someone you know makes a mistake, are you willing to extend grace and allow them to recover? Or, do you grind the mistake into their face, compounding the guilt they feel? For most of us, most of the time, we forgive readily. Why, then, as moms can we not extend the same grace to ourselves? It’s time to start focusing on being present and available to your children. Quit worrying about being perfect. It’s not getting you anywhere.

  1. Mommying is a full-time job.

    You may be a working-outside-the-home mom, a stay-at-home mom, a step-mom, an adoptive mom, a foster mom, or a mom who has buried her children. You are still 100% mom. You don’t get days off from being the mom. Much as you’d love to once in a while. Mommying isn’t just during the day while your husband is at work. As my mom told me when I was pregnant with my first child, “you are now entering a phase of life you will never leave.” Once a mom, forever a mom. Mommying requires continual sacrifice. But, this is the best, most rewarding and fulfilling job you will ever have. I’m in my late 50s and I still desire my mom’s love, encouragement, correction, and advice. I haven’t outgrown my mom. And I haven’t stopped praying for my children.

  2. Mommying matures you like nothing else will.

    You are the perfect mom for your kiddo. In fact, your children believe you are the best mom ever. However, you aren’t perfect. You continue to learn and grow until the day you die. At least I hope you do. As you mature, your child benefits. I am not the same mom I was when I first had my children. In fact, I wasn’t the same mom with subsequent children that I was with my first child. This is the process of growing, learning, adapting, and changing. And both you and your child reap the benefits. What’s the best way to deal with the challenges of mommying well? Spend time daily in God’s Word, the Bible. As you talk with Jesus about your struggles, He transforms you, teaches you, and nurtures you in His wisdom to navigate the challenging world known as mommying. God’s Word is the best place I know to get mommying advice.

On this Mother’s Day, I pray my children know how much I adore them, cheer for them, and am proud to be their mom. I pray my mom knows how much I treasure her. I need to tell them.


A Mother is one who
understands the things
you say and do
Who always overlooks
your faults and sees the
best in you
A Mother is one whose
special love inspires you
day by day.
Who fills your heart with
gladness in her warm
and thoughtful way.
A Mother is all these things
and more – the greatest
treasure known.
And the dearest Mother in
all of the world is the one I
call my own.


As a mom, the best gift you ever give me is your time. The flowers and gifts are lovely and I’m grateful for each one. But, what thrills a mom’s heart is time together. Relationships are the only lasting thing on this earth.

For Mother’s Day, enjoy this free gift, 5 Truths About Being a Mom:5 truths about being a momHappy Mother’s Day to you, Mom. You’re the best!

If you need help, please reach out. I promise to listen without judgment and help you take the next step.

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