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Kirsten D Samuel is a dynamic, approachable speaker with experience engaging in-person groups as large as 450 and a worldwide radio audience of millions. Kirsten is open, authentic, and never one to shy away from the truth and grit of real life. She encourages others and shares about God’s amazing power and healing in her life and marriage.

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Kirsten and her husband, Dave, on the Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast with President, Jim Daly.

537,000 monthly viewers

Weekly Live Video, 100s engaged daily

560 followers 2k impressions

Over 9,000 minutes of watch time

Kirsten D Samuel is also an award-winning author who uses her story to give hope to women world-wide. Her raw honesty and transparency as she and her husband navigated their own marriage crisis is a beacon of light for others. Whether speaking to a mom’s group or a conference, Kirsten connects with the hearts of women everywhere.

5 Lies Mom’s Believe: Be the Mom Your Child Believes You Are

Someone is telling you lies. Is that “someone” you?

“I’m a terrible mom. My kids hate me. She’s a better mother.” 

What lies do we believe as moms? How do they sneak into our minds without us knowing?

Explore 5 lies moms believe and how to defend against them.

Discover the truth about motherhood and rearing the children God entrusted to you. Embrace your mothering fears and find hope to overcome those fears.

Choosing a Way Out: When the Bottom Isn’t the Bottom

Kirsten’s world shattered when her husband confessed a hidden addiction—one that might, now, cost him his job. This uninvited crisis that felt like the end proved to be the beginning of her personal healing.

In these pages, you’ll encounter raw honesty and see a clear path through the pain. You’ll see no depression is too dark and no lie too big. Discover a powerful process where you exchange isolation for accountability and deception for deliverance.