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Kudos to You, Mom, and Here’s Why

By January 27, 2016June 3rd, 2019No Comments

She’s navigating the crowded store with a full grocery cart with a baby in a front carrier and two very rambunctious boys. The boys asking all the typical questions:

  • Mom, look at that. Can I have it?
  • I really like those candy bars can I have one?
  • Can we go get a cookie?

Can’t you see it? Perhaps even hear it?

But one thing caught my eye: she never lost her cool!

I could tell by looking at her that she was getting weary. Who wouldn’t be? It was getting closer to lunchtime by the minute. The baby was kicking away and starting to fuss. The boys were done with shopping—they wanted to run and were probably getting hungry as well. Their mischievous grins and giggles caused me to chuckle—not when they were looking though! 😉

She patiently kept reminding them to stay near her, to keep their hands to themselves, to stay by the cart. Over and over and over and over.

We both arrived at the checkout counter at the same time. It was then she noticed me.

“I’m sorry for the boys. They’re very active and have had enough shopping for one day,” she apologized.

“No need to apologize,” I said hoping to encourage her just a bit,  “I remember when my children were that age. Your boys are very normal and quite obedient. You’re a good mom.”

“Thank you,” she smiled and turned to the cashier to finalize her transaction.

That was my only contact with this sweet momma. I don’t know her name, yet I remember her and her sweet children. In fact, almost every time I enter that store I think of her and smile.

So, I say huge kudos to you Momma wherever you are.

  1. You are tuned in to your children. Just watching her interaction with her boys told me she is very attuned to who they are and their interests and actions. You can’t anticipate what you don’t know. She seemed to be a step ahead of their antics all the time. Good for you, Momma! Your boys feel secure because you are actively involved.
  2. You are intentional. Whenever the boys were getting too far away from her or too rambunctious (as boys will do), all she’d say is something along the lines of “boys, what did I say?” They came right back to her or settled down without another word from her. This doesn’t happen by accident. The expected behaviors are well established. Good for you, Momma! Your boys are learning good discipline and realistic boundaries.
  3. You practice good self-control. Even though she was obviously tired, probably even more so than her children at this point, she maintained her composure and self-control. No matter what shenanigans these sweet boys pulled, she remained calm—definite but calm. No raised voice. No angry words. Simple, clear, concise reminders to her boys regarding the established rules when in the grocery store. Good for you, Momma. Your boys are learning self-control because you maintain self-control.

You are blessing your sweet children. Thank you for the extra-ordinary moment of joy caught in the ordinariness of shopping.

For all you moms who are wondering today if you make a difference, let me say clearly, you do! And I applaud you.

Kudos to you, Mom. Thank you.

Remember: Capture the extra-ordinary in the ordinary today.

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