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5 Reasons Why Being Individuals Together Creates A Stronger Marriage

By June 30, 2023October 23rd, 2023No Comments
individuals together

When you and your spouse chose to join your lives and build a new family unit, you brought strengths and struggles with you. But you remain individuals together. 

One lie that affects relationships is that you agree on everything to have a truly great marriage. If that were true, then one of you would be redundant. This is why we say the concept of the traditional unity candle may not be all that great. 

A healthy relationship starts with being individuals together.  

In this final video conversation, Dave and I discuss overcoming our fears and bringing our total selves to the relationship. Click on the picture to watch this 7:45-minute clip. 

Key points to remember: 

  1. You are unique
  2. Your spouse needs your strengths. 
  3. The two become stronger together when they don’t lose their individuality. 
  4. A strong marriage learns how to find a resolution when you disagree. 
  5. Healthy communication takes work and practice. 

Struggling? Please reach out. You can learn to be strong individuals together. Let’s talk

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