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Are You Ever Too Far Gone To Be Healed By Grace? [Movie review]

By September 5, 2018October 23rd, 2023No Comments

It’s not often you find a family-friendly movie dealing with cancer, divorce, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Here is an opportunity to discuss “telling the truth” with your kids while munching on some popcorn. Healed by Grace 2 serves up that very opportunity.

Original movie

The original movie, Healed by Grace, introduces us to the equine trainer, Gauff, and his client, a sweet college sophomore, Riley. Due to an accident (no spoiler here), Riley enters equine therapy to aid in her healing. Healed by Grace is approved for all ages and won 5-star review from Dove. Check out the trailer:

The Sequel explores the trainer’s story

Healed by Grace 2 delves deeper into Gauff’s backstory. A retired rodeo rider, with a checkered past and a broken family, Gauff struggles to walk out a new life where he repeatedly seeks forgiveness and truth. Here is the trailer for Healed by Grace 2:

There were many storylines.

Some of them were developed, but some were left alone, dangling out there unresolved. I typically like a bit more resolution, but maybe the unknown opens the door for more conversation with you and your kids.

What do forgiveness and resolution look like?

The primary theme of this movie is forgiveness between father and daughter, yet, the resolution to the years of hurt seemed a bit simple and quick for reality. See if your kids agree.

I loved the honest interaction between the horse trainer and the vet when Gauff is trying to overcome his fear of asking his daughter for forgiveness. I dare you not to dab your eyes.

But my favorite part of the story was the interaction between Gauff and Jesse. Related by blood, but with no history to draw on and thrown together, they figure out a simple, but an honest relationship. Again, setting up a perfect opening to have some conversations with your kids.

My second favorite part of the movie was the interchange between Brandy and Gauff many years after their difficult parting. Too often in movies, conversations, TV shows, and romance novels, we receive the impression that dads don’t matter in a girl’s life. As Brandy says, “Where were you? I didn’t need a dad; I needed you. One day you left, and you never came back.” Gauff responds, “I didn’t know what to do.” And because of his own mistakes and insecurities, he simply stayed away. Brandy needed her dad, as imperfect as he was.

My least favorite part of the movie

One thing I didn’t like was the portrayal of the Christian camp director. It was stereotypical, complete with a deep southern accent and an uncaring, obnoxious overtone. Plus, the camp director encourages John to deceive his wife.

Healed by Grace 2 is a family-friendly film with a forgiveness message

Overall, it is a sweet story of reconciliation made even better by the footage of the beautiful horses. If you are looking for a family-friendly film, with a forgiveness message, I’d recommend you check this one out with your grade-school kids or early teens.

This movie is now available on digital and soon on DVD (September 18). You can purchase Healed by Grace 2 at or via Amazon. If you are interested in the original 5-star movie, Healed by Grace, check it out on Amazon.

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