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Being Present

Evening Wonder

By September 17, 2014December 11th, 20202 Comments

Ever have a day where you’re just tired? Can’t blame it on lack of sleep. Just tired. Every movement feels sluggish, heavy, deliberate. Even your mind seems to be moving in reverse.

Today was that day for me.

There were emails to answer, emails to write, projects to complete, projects to start, phone calls to make, research to be done, new skills to learn, dishes to clean, food to prepare. Normal stuff. Yet, I kept falling asleep. Right in the middle of whatever I was doing. Tired.

But, this evening, as I was cleaning up after dinner, I saw this:

My whole being was drawn to this beauty, to walk into this sunset, to breathe in the coolness of the evening and chase the fading sunlight.

The quiet of the evening.
The sound of the breeze in the branches.
The quick scamper of rabbits hiding in the tall grass.
The praise song of crickets and birds.

 Restoration for my soul. Delight. Wonder.

As I walked into the fading sunlight, relishing the brilliant splashes of color shooting across the clouds, my heart swelled in praise to my Creator for His beautiful handiwork.

How clearly the sky reveals God’s glory!
How plainly it shows what He has done!      Psalm 19

And in this simple moment of stunning, quickly fading beauty, my soul got an extraordinary jolt of joy. My feet felt lighter. I needed this walk and this inspiration. I needed this unexpected, extraordinary moment of quiet restoration.

How are you doing today? Are you slogging through the mud? Is your spirit bogging down with the mundane? Keep your eyes open! Watch for it! Wait for it. Your extraordinary gift, hidden in today, will reveal itself suddenly. Let it explode over your soul in wonder.

I can’t wait to hear all about it. Share your extraordinary moment in the comments below.

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  • bethanypalmer says:

    Kirsten – thank you for the reminder that it is the simple things like a sunset that draws us closer to peace and Him – peace lifts our spirit. Appreciate your words!!