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Encouragement for those blah days

By June 29, 2016December 29th, 2020No Comments
for those blah days

Ever have a day or two or more where life seems to knock you down? You aren’t really in a crisis, but you are in a “funk.”What trick do you have up your sleeve for those blah days?


Your world has tilted on its axis.

Emotionally tentative.

Unsure of even that which you know deep in your soul.

If you are there today, I hope the following will encourage you.

Good morning, Father. You are worthy of praise!

All praise. All glory. All honor. All high esteem. All regard. All worship at all times.

You are alone are King of kings and Lord of all. No one is your equal.

Your creativity outshines us all. We can only mimic You.

Without You, we are nothing. I am nothing but lost.

You are always good, seeking my best in everything. No exceptions. You do not compromise Your integrity to be acceptable. Therefore, You are completely trustworthy.

Your Word is true, unchanging, and ever current. How marvelous You are. How wonderful.

You provide all I need to every day of my life. Your Presence comforts me. Your love reaches to me and wraps around me in secure warmth.

You do not smother me or force me into a specific mold. Instead, You tell me that I am created uniquely to freely express Your love, grace, and mercy in my own way. You delight in me, Your creation. You call me “daughter” and grant me full rights inherent in this relationship. I am not a beggar any more.

You’ve removed my filthy thread-bare rags and clothed me in rich velvet, cashmere, and merino wool. Colorful clothing that radiates Your glory. No longer cold and rough against my skin, these clothes protect and shield me from exposure to cold, wind, and attack.

Your robe of righteousness rests lightly on my shoulders. Another outward indicator of my relationship with You.

My skin is no longer cracked, rough, or dry. My body is nourished with water and delicious food. My skin reflects a nourished soul. As I look in the mirror, my reflection radiates Your Love.

No longer an orphan. Now a beloved Daughter.

No longer stooped under the weight of malnutrition, burdensome toil, and ridicule. Now a redeemed Daughter.

Redeemed from the ashes. Cleansed from head to toe; cleaned in heart and mind.

Praise You, Father. You have done this for me in order to glorify Your Name. May it be so!

You see me through the lens of Your redemption. You remove my sin never to be remembered or recalled.

Even though I mess up multiple times in myriad ways today, You forgive me because of Jesus’ sacrifice. You call me perfect in Christ. Totally covered and redeemed through His death and resurrection. And in that forgiveness, You restore me again to stand confidently in You.

You tell me to bring anything and everything to You. Nothing is too small. Nothing is too large. You tell me You will carry my cares and concerns because they are too much for me.

You do not promise an easy life. Instead You promise Your Presence, Your Strength, Your Peace, Your Understanding and Wisdom, Your Grace, Your Mercy to help when I need it. You promise I am never alone or out of Your sight.

Even when I face death, You are with me. You will never abandon me. When I am afraid and call to You, You always answer and come to me. You do not walk away from Your daughter.

Though I am overwhelmed by circumstances, You are not. You tell me to trust You and to hold on to Your hand as we navigate through my fog.

When my heart, mind, and soul are under attack, You stand back to back with me defending me. In fact, Your mighty sword swiftly rescues me and Your shield deflects every flaming arrow, hot missile, and destructive bullet. I discover you have wrapped me from top to bottom in Your Kevlar armor. It fits perfectly because You design it to be so. As long as I stay right with You, I am secure. It’s only when I step away, thinking I can handle the next opponent on my own, that I am injured. But when I cry to You, You come to my aid. It is then I realize how You surround me.

The enemy may get in a few minor wounds, but he cannot do anything more that prick or nick or paper cut me. You always set a guard about me. My wounds come when I step out of Your Protection; when I get distracted by my surroundings instead of focusing on You.

Today I choose to praise You for Who You Are. You are not human like me, You are Almighty God.

You are:

  • Forever Faithful
  • Always True
  • Ever Present
  • All Powerful
  • All Knowing
  • Unconditional Love
  • Redeemer
  • Savior
  • Almighty God
  • Sovereign LORD
  • The Only Creator
  • My Counselor
  • Wonderful
  • Prince of Peace
  • The Alpha and Omega
  • Holy Father
  • LORD of the Universe
  • LORD of my life
  • Husband
  • Lover of my soul
  • Friend
  • Daily Companion
  • Never Changing
  • Totally Trustworthy
  • Mighty God
  • Defender
  • Lion of Judah
  • Lamb of God
  • Conqueror
  • The Only Real Hero
  • Perfect in all Your ways
  • Kind
  • Gracious
  • Full of Mercy
  • Unique – no one compares to You

Praise you, Father! Praise You!

Remember whose you are.

Capture the extra-ordinary in the ordinary today,

Kirsten D. Samuel
Aftershock Recovery Coach
8-week Program, Custom-paced Coaching, Remote, or In-person Sessions


  • Kirsten D Samuel

    I empower Christian wives to discover they are seen, loved, and heard. These women find the freedom to be who they are beyond their partner’s struggles, and find hope that there is a life worth living.