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Lessons From A Dull Razor: 3 Neglected Areas That Damage Your Marriage Relationship

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dull razor

It all started several years ago, when my husband embarked on a whirlwind of work-related travels. Amid his new lifestyle, too often, he found himself in a hotel room at an ungodly hour, desperately searching for a misplaced razor or toothpaste tube. Frustration led to innovation. After one such frustration, he put together a personal travel kit—a miniature arsenal of grooming supplies that ensured he never left the essentials behind.

When I began to travel more, I adopted this practice. However, as with any good idea, there’s a catch. If you don’t periodically check and replenish your travel kit, you might find yourself in a hairy situation—quite literally.

Allow me to illustrate with a tale of dull razors.

Late the evening before my trip, with a suitcase half-packed and adventure on the horizon, I embarked on my usual pre-travel ritual. I proudly grabbed my travel kit in my organized chaos of folding clothes and stuffing toiletries into a compact bag. Little did I suspect the menace lurking within this seemingly foolproof system—a dull razor.

As the story goes, in preparation for an event during this trip, I decided to tackle the ever-important task of leg-shaving. Grabbing my razor from my trusty travel kit, I lathered up. The razor glided smoothly—or so it seemed. Post-shave inspection, however, revealed a disheartening reality. My legs felt like an unkempt forest, untouched by the supposedly efficient razor.

Now, in my not-quite-awake state, I found myself going over the same spots again and again, each stroke revealing the inadequacy of the once-reliable razor. It was like fighting a battle with a rubber sword—no matter how hard I tried, the enemy (in this case, the leg hair) stood unscathed.

As I grappled with my dull razor dilemma, it hit me. The razor that had faithfully served me on countless journeys had become useless. In my rush to pack, I had overlooked the gradual decline of its sharpness, and now, in the heat of the moment, I was paying the price.

The metaphor of a dull razor can be a reminder of how neglecting the little things can lead to unexpected complications in various aspects of life.

1. Lulled by routine.

Repeating a behavior or habit that doesn’t yield the desired results is akin to persistently using a dull razor. No matter how often you go through the same motions, the outcome remains unchanged.

Dave and I didn’t realize how we’d slipped into roommate mode until our marriage almost dissolved. We coasted through our days. Nothing seemed critical, so we let little things slide while neglecting important connection times.

What did this look like? No intentional time to connect through conversations that didn’t consist of daily routines, errands, kids, and work. Our hearts didn’t connect very often.

2. Dulled by familiarity.

A dull razor happens from continual use. You get comfortable with the familiar, assuming that the tools you’ve always relied on will continue to serve you well.

Repeated negative thoughts, choices, and actions allowed porn to get a grip on Dave. My refusal to deal with a suppressed memory pushed me into suicidal depression.

But rather than get the help we needed to sharpen ourselves and our relationship, we kept repeating the same behaviors. Push down the pain. Keep silent. Find ways to distract ourselves. Do anything but change the blade.

3. Devalued by neglect.

Life often mimics the dull razor scenario. Yet, without periodic scrutiny, even the most reliable elements can lose their edge.

Building and maintaining a healthy relationship, especially after betrayal, requires regular check-ins, authentic communication, and prioritizing the relationship. When was the last time you ditched your phones, turned off the TV, put the kids to bed, and discussed more than work, schedules, and repair issues? Check your relational razor if it’s been longer than a couple of days.

How do you avoid the perils of a dull razor in your metaphorical travel kits?

For personal growth, it means reassessing your goals and adjusting your strategies as needed.

In relationships, it involves active communication and addressing issues before they fester.

Do you need new tools to strengthen your marriage relationship?

Then get them. Exerting more effort with a dull razor won’t bring any change. So, take a moment, assess where you might need to switch the blade in your life and embark on the journey of transformation—armed with a freshly sharpened razor and a newfound zest for the adventure that lies ahead.

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