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Aftershock Recovery Method Program

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What is the Aftershock Recovery Method program?

This six-month program helps wives of porn addicts tackle the most pressing recovery steps. Divided into three phases, the program encourages you to answer the following questions:

  • What’s wrong with me?
  • What did I do to cause my husband to look at porn?
  • How do I keep him from looking at porn?
  • How do I forgive him?
  • How do I stop the pain?
  • Who am I now?
  • How do I talk with him about his porn use without screaming?
  • How do I trust my husband again?
  • Will I ever like him again?
  • Is it possible to save my marriage?
  • What happens if he won’t give up porn?
  • And more

Phase 1: Jumpstart Your Recovery (6 weeks)

Phase 2: Become STABLE (6 weeks)

Phase 3: Learn to be Resilient (12 weeks)

Like any training program, you experience the most benefit when you commit to the process and prioritize the time to do the work. If you watch the videos, do the exercises in the workbook, write out your questions, and ask them during the coaching sessions, you will learn, heal, and grow.

This is your time to disentangle yourself from the betrayal and discover how to move forward as the real, incredible you without apology.

You are safe, seen, accepted, and welcome.

If you have any difficulty accessing any of the materials or resources, please email

Let’s take this journey together.