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Intimate betrayal does not have to be the end of your marriage.

Dave and Kirsten have been where you are.

For 25 years, secrets dominated Dave and Kirsten's relationship

Pornography addiction.
Sexual assault.

Discovery Day was brutal.

Shame. Failure.

Disgust. Anger.

Secrets hidden. Secret lives.

Dave’s first exposure to pornography happened through magazines when a young boy.

In the first years of their marriage, they felt young and in love. He felt cured. So he never shared his temptation with her. One that could be explored at his leisure in the privacy of their home. No one needed to know what he was doing.

Until his addiction grew so consuming that he viewed porn at work.

And he got caught.

No more hiding. The ugly truth revealed. He had to tell her.

Could this 25-year marriage survive the devastating revelation of pornography addiction?

Dave wasn’t the only one hiding a devastating secret.

Kirsten never spoke about her sexual assault as a young girl. She buried that confusion and pain, covering up the wounds with desperate attempts to do everything right from now on. To somehow prove she had value, was worthy to be loved, and mattered.

No one knew the growing suicidal depression she masked with smiles, hard work, and people-pleasing efforts. If she only could do everything right, she’d survive.

Until she faced divorce. The ultimate proof that she had no value.

Could his revelation ultimately set her free?


TechCrunch reports a 300% increase in infidelity by online porn viewers


56% of divorce cases involved a partner’s obsessive interest in porn sites. – Covenant Eyes

Can an addict overcome the addiction?

That’s the question we asked.

Dave desired it and had been battling on his own for years.

Only to fail repeatedly.

Kirsten desperately wanted this possibility but felt stuck in her anger, disgust, and marrow-sucking betrayal pain.

“This does not have to be fatal. But you must change your lives.”

The first words they heard that brought hope. There could be another way.

A pornography addiction will not go away on its own.

You need professional help. Both of you. The best thing Dave and Kirsten did was get counseling for each issue.

As hurt and stunned as you are right now, the worst thing you can do is cover up the issue. And hope it will go away.

It won’t. Pornography, like many addictions, progresses unless you deal with the root problem. Dave bought the lie that his lust didn’t hurt anyone because he wasn’t physically committing adultery.

This false belief trapped Dave in shame, deceit, and increasing despair.

Until he got the help he needed to uncover and deal with the root cause fed by pornography.

Why does the wife also need healing from his porn struggles?

Women like you who discover their husband’s porn usage feel tossed aside, duped, stupid, unloved, ugly, and worthless.

Many researchers agree that women deal with PTSD symptoms after discovering porn usage. Women experience brain fog, loss of safety, feelings of rejection, rage, deep sadness, confusion, lack of confidence, and physical symptoms such as loss of appetite.

If we told you there is a way out of your current pain, would you take it?

We’ve been where you are today.

We know that your marriage can survive if you are willing to work hard and make the necessary personal and relational changes.

However, if you continue life the same way, your normal brings more pain and devastation.

You can recover. Your marriage can survive.

We did the hard personal work that saved our marriage nearly 20 years ago.
You can recover.
We can help.

What’s the difference between Coaching and Counseling?
Great question.


  • Tools for the future.
  • Current, present reality with a future focus.
  • Practical tools and accountability.
  • Solution-oriented. Next steps to take.
  • Flexible meeting venues and schedule. Non-clinical setting.


  • Time looking at the past.
  • Intensive focus on the past to identify issues affecting your everyday life.
  • Mental health diagnosis is possible.
  • Long time horizon.
  • Formal, office setting on a regular schedule.

You need both to achieve your best future. The issues identified from the past (counseling or therapy) get paired with solution-oriented next steps to move forward (coaching).

Possible Areas of Success with Coaching

  • Heal from the pain of betrayal and betraying
  • Resolve conflict, not ignore it
  • Develop healthy boundaries personally and relationally
  • Rethink communication patterns to develop positive communication
  • Learn sustainable patterns for a solid marriage
  • Cultivate the ability to forgive and create a new normal
  • Nurture deeper intimacy
  • Invest in your future together

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