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The pain. Indescribable.
The anger.
The fear.
The worst found you.

A day like any other. Until it wasn’t.

Mine was a Monday. A day that felt like all the rest until I heard one word, “Pornography.” Wait, what? My husband of 25 years who worked for an international Christian organization just told me he might be fired because of pornography? My world shattered.

He’d been hiding his addiction for years. Now he’d been caught at work.
I was stunned, hurt, angry, shocked, and in complete disbelief.
What was happening to my perfect world?

How did I get here?
How did you get here?
Now what?

I felt like giving up. Like sinking into the darkness and not coming out.
But the coach on the other end of the phone line said, “This isn’t fatal.”
That’s what I needed to hear.

I needed to hear more than the stinging words of the betrayal.

An affair, substance abuse, financial secrets, gambling, lies, even lies we tell ourselves.
They can’t stay hidden forever.
And when the truth comes out, it is painful.

The betrayed is wounded.
The betrayer needs help. But you need help too.
You need practical, compassionate, confidential help.
Your every tomorrow is now different. You can’t approach it the same.

Let me help you live a different tomorrow.

Short-term, compassionate, practical healing.
Let’s start with specific steps up and out.
Please reach out or spend some time with the free resources on my site and hear me when I say, “I am proud of your bravery to begin the journey of healing.”

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