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Top 10 Finalist for Author Academy Awards - Best Memoir

5 Lies Mom’s Believe: Be the Mom Your Child Believes You Are

Someone is telling you lies. Is that “someone” you?

“I’m a terrible mom. My kids hate me. She’s a better mother.” 

What lies do we believe as moms? How do they sneak into our minds without us knowing?

Explore 5 lies moms believe and how to defend against them.

Discover the truth about motherhood and rearing the children God entrusted to you. Embrace your mothering fears and find hope to overcome those fears.

Choosing a Way Out: When the Bottom Isn’t the Bottom

Kirsten’s world shattered when her husband confessed a hidden addiction—one that might, now, cost him his job. This uninvited crisis that felt like the end proved to be the beginning of her personal healing.

In these pages, you’ll encounter raw honesty and see a clear path through the pain. You’ll see no depression is too dark and no lie too big. Discover a powerful process where you exchange isolation for accountability and deception for deliverance.

“Wonderful insight into Motherhood. Nails it right on the head! Quick and easy to read but full of deep wisdom. My kids are gown with kids of their own, but I can remember back to when they were growing. I would have loved these reminders back then. I will recommend this to both daughter and daughter-in-love.”

Rebecca H.

“The vulnerability and authenticity in this book is off the charts. Really great practical advice that all moms no matter what stage of motherhood. It's a must read!”

Debi M.

“Now that my daughter is grown, I find myself feeling guilty for my mistakes & I've struggled with feeling like I was an inadequate parent. Reading this book was just what I needed-knowing that God chose me to be her mother! Thank you!”


“This book grabbed my attention right from the start. We all walk through times of darkness, but most of us keep the dark things hidden. But until we shine the light on them, we won't be healed. Kirsten bravely shines the light on deeply personal issues she faced in her marriage and personal life. Her brokenness was revealed - but so was the healing and grace that can only come from the Lord. Thank you, Kirsten, for sharing so honestly and openly. I know a lot of others will receive healing because of this book.”

Rebecca L.

“What an uplifting story. The author gives an honest and brave account of the struggles her marriage endured and how they put in the time and effort to come out stronger than ever. I give her a lot of credit for sharing her story. Everyone can learn from this book.”

G. Raymond

“The title of the book drew me in. And as I began reading, the story compelled me to keep turning the pages. Kirsten writes her story in a powerful way that touches all of us because of her honesty and hope. The beautiful tapestry that unfolds is that grace, forgiveness, and redemption are within our grasp. This is a transparent portrait of a marriage faced with the question, "Will we make it" in the middle of addiction and depression. I respect Dave & Kirsten for being bold enough to share their story to bring about healing and hope for countless others who desperately need to hear their message. Thank you for sharing your story with us!”

Karol R.