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His porn addiction doesn't have to destroy you.

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It’s time to break the silence. Too many marriages succumb to this well-kept secret. Mine did. For 25 years. I believed we had a happy marriage.

When my husband revealed his pornography addiction, the bottom fell out of my world.

My first thought was unbelief.

But one look at his face revealed he was dead serious.

The ugly reality of “pornography” sent cold shivers through my body as my mind slowed AND jumped into hyper-drive, attempting to reconcile this insanity. It couldn’t be true.

It was.

Like many others, my husband’s first exposure to pornography happened through magazines when a young boy.

In the first years of our marriage, we were young and in love. He felt cured. So he never shared his temptation with me. One that could be explored at his leisure in the privacy of our home. No one needed to know what he was doing.

Until his addiction grew so consuming that he viewed porn at work.

And he got caught.

No more hiding. The ugly truth revealed. He had to tell me.

Could I trust—again? Should I trust him?


TechCrunch reports a 300% increase in infidelity by online porn viewers


56% of divorce cases involved a partner’s obsessive interest in porn sites. – Covenant Eyes

Can your marriage survive a pornography addiction?

That’s the question I asked. I didn’t believe it could or would.

I wasn’t sure I wanted my marriage to survive.

Could I trust my husband ever again?

Should I trust him?

Was it possible for my husband to overcome this addiction?

Could I heal from the pain of his addiction?

A pornography addiction will not go away on its own.

As hurt and stunned as you are right now, the worst thing you can do is cover up the issue. And hope it will go away.

You can’t “fix” him.

In fact, his addiction is not about you at all.

It’s true. As women, we don’t understand how our husbands can compartmentalize their lives. Yet, they are hard-wired this way.

My husband loved me, cared for me, and desired me the whole time he was addicted to porn.

You can’t do anything to make him stop the addiction. He has to want to heal for himself.

So what’s the point of seeking help?

If I told you there is a way out of your current pain, would you take it?

I know your pain and desperation to find a way out right now.
I’ve lived it. You can discover your way up and out as well.

I used to wonder why God allowed such pain in my life. But not anymore. I know it’s to empower women whose husbands are tangled in the net of pornography.

You can do this with help.

The best first step I took was to call a professional who provided hope and a pathway through this horrible pain.

We saved our marriage 16 years ago. You can recover. You will smile again.

What’s the difference: Coaching vs. Counseling?
Great question.


  • Tools for the future.
  • Current, present reality with a future focus.
  • Practical tools and accountability.
  • Solution-oriented. Next steps to take.
  • Flexible meeting venues and schedule. Non-clinical setting.


  • Time looking at the past.
  • Intensive focus on the past to identify issues affecting your everyday life.
  • Mental health diagnosis is possible.
  • Long time horizon.
  • Formal, office setting on a regular schedule.

Some individuals see results by combining coaching and counseling. The issues identified from the past can be paired with solution-oriented next steps to move forward. Both coaching and counseling benefit you.

Possible Areas of Success with Coaching

  • Heal from the pain of betrayal
  • Resolve conflict
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Rethink communication patterns to develop positive communication
  • Learn sustainable patterns for a solid marriage
  • Cultivate the ability to forgive and create a new normal
  • Nurture increased closeness and trust
  • Invest in your future together

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I’m proud of you and believe in you.

Aftershock Recovery Method Coaching

If you do nothing, your life a year from now looks the same or worse.

But, if you take the first bold step, you choose freedom.

Each coaching client receives significant personal attention from me.

Choose healing and freedom today.
You don’t have to do this on your own.

No judgment. Safe. Confidential. Caring.

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