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Do you suspect your spouse struggles with porn use?
There is a reason.

As difficult as it is, trust your instinct.

Like an infection, addiction spreads and destroys.
Sure, it can be ignored.
You can let an infection or cancer spread.
But choosing to do nothing is still a choice.
Or you can choose to get help. To make some changes.

My world shattered when I discovered my husband was addicted to pornography.
The depths of my despair seemed to grow deeper every day. I slipped into a pit of depression.
But in that pit of despair I discovered God’s grace and came face-to-face with my past abuse and suicidal depression.
God’s limitless power and my coach changed all that.

I’d love for you to experience the freedom of my Aftershock Recovery Method.
And see what it can do for you.

There really is a way through this.
You deserve better.

Please reach out or spend some time with the free resources on my site and hear me when I say, “I am proud of your bravery to begin the journey of healing.”

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