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At some point, we all face our worst fears.

Sometimes what you fear isn’t what you have to face.
And sometimes what you face was never one of your fears.

But here you are. There I was.

I have been to the bottom. And then, the bottom of the bottom.

My husband’s hidden addiction was the beginning of my life unraveling.
But it was only the beginning.
It uncovered depression and addiction in my own life.
Which led to never-better healing. (That’s the short version.)

When my husband told me they’d discovered him using pornography at his job and he might be fired, my carefully crafted world shattered. 

Choosing to get up from the depths of despair (more than once) and confront my husband’s sin and mine changed our marriage and our lives.

I was not just rebuilt—painful parts haphazardly pasted back together.
I was remade. Better. Stronger. 

You can be too. You don’t have to believe it, yet. We’ll get there.
A proven process with support and the jaw-dropping-awesomeness of God, changes your life. The life you can’t imagine right now. A better life awaits you.

There is no depression too deep, no addiction too strong, no pattern too ingrained for our compassionate Father’s immeasurable power.

Save the cost and lengthy commitment of therapy and experience true freedom from someone who has been in your shoes (or at least a pair of uncomfortable shoes I never would have picked out for myself – not even on clearance!) You can feel different. I can help.

As a coach, author, and speaker, I help women step out of the shadows of their husband’s porn addiction and into their preferred future. 

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