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A View from the High Road – A Thanksgiving Meditation

By November 26, 2015June 24th, 2019One Comment
Thanksgiving meditation


“Walk with Me along the high road of thanksgiving…”   Sarah Young

I love this phrase as it relates to being thankful.

When I think of a high road I picture a road along the side of a mountain. The view is breathtakingly spectacular.

Yet, there is a precipitous drop just a few feet beyond where I’m standing. I’m safe as long as I stay on the road. My risk of falling comes when I step away from the clear road.

I look out from the road over the valleys and peaks. I’ve been in that valley, sometimes filled with shadows. But there are also clear fresh streams, beautiful flowers, and friends. The valley can be lovely or it can be cruel, dark, and demanding.

My gaze drifts over the peaks. There are challenges ahead on this road. The peaks are beautiful with their pine-filled forests, and sun bouncing off the rocks, streams, and snow. Shafts of light filled with color ricochet over my senses. I don’t have any idea how to conquer those peaks. But, this road before me takes me there.

I look to You, my heavenly Father, and You nod reassuringly. You remind me to be thankful for the joys hidden along the way. You point out the valleys we have to cross, the refreshing crystal clear streams ahead where we will rest.

But, most importantly, You remind me to thank You for the journey and the time spent in Your Presence. You are here with me as I ponder this Thanksgiving meditation.

On this day, I thank You for this view from the high road. It is here that I gain perspective to live once again. It is here that I remember to say “thank You”.


  • Kirsten D Samuel

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