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A Simple Way to Teach Your Children Compassion

By October 5, 2017January 27th, 20232 Comments

Last weekend, we had the privilege of supporting a special fundraising event for Compassion International. What made it especially fun, was supporting our grandchildren’s fundraising efforts.

Walk With Compassion’s motto is to “walk poverty right outta the park.”

It’s a simple concept that allows families to participate together to raise funds for:

  • Malaria prevention
  • Clean water
  • Disaster relief

These are needs, like those of Steven, that child sponsorship simply cannot regularly cover. Read the update about Steven’s miraculous improvement.

After the walk was over, I interviewed each of my grandchildren. Here’s what they had to say. 

What was the best part of Walk With Compassion?

K: The bouncy house and spinning the wheel. 😉

L: The stations. My favorite was station 6, where I learned about a boy whose mom and dad died, but now he’s a scientist.

M: Helping raise money for children my age become more strong and confident in who they are and who Jesus is.

How much money did you raise to help other kids?

All three raised at least $150.

Did you learn anything new?

M: Some kids don’t have good houses. Their houses are made out of mud, often with a cloth door. M wanted to help raise money so these children could have better houses.

Exposing children, who have enough, to the realities of life for children their age living in poverty, is a good thing.

What I noticed as I listened to my grandchildren:

  • Their world expanded as they visited each station on the walk
  • They understood, age appropriately, what they were doing and why
  • They decided to do several things to raise money: make and sell cookies and lemonade; have a garage sale of toys and clothes, ask for sponsorship for their walk
  • They willingly participated

If you are looking for a fun way to teach your children about helping others, check out a Walk With Compassion event near you. Here’s the link: Walk With Compassion

If you need help, please reach out. I promise to listen without judgment and help you take the next step.

  • Kirsten D Samuel

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  • ELG says:

    Love it! The stories they continue to tell, and the deep, thoughtful questions about their entire experience, is special. Thank you for sharing

  • I love this idea of getting the kids involved in something outside of themselves. Interviewing them for this post was a fantastic plan!