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A place to breathe.

Did you just discover his porn use?

Do you wonder why he won’t stop looking at porn?

Have you thought, “Why do I feel shame when he’s the one looking? What’s wrong with me?”
I can help you breathe. Let's talk!

A bit of my story. You might find it shocking. But, girlfriend, you can’t be more shocked than I was! Let’s see …

Learn how to breathe.

I’ve been where you are. I understand your pain and confusion. Sit next to me and let me put my air mask on you.

Private. Confidential. A safe place. Join me online for the Aftershock Recovery Method Program.

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No Holding Back

Dave and I discuss his addiction to pornography and what we did next.

Watch now: Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast: Trusting God to Redeem Your Broken Marriage.

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Kirsten is an excellent listener and makes me always feel very safe and
comfortable in a conversation. She offers straight advice about hard topics, and
doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects or problems in life. Kirsten is great at
helping others to identify what needs to change in their lives and intentionally
walking with them thru the process.


Kirsten is good at being real. She has a way of cutting through the clutter. Kirsten


Kirsten doesn’t back down or shy away from hard things, but has taught me by
example how to face my problems and fears head on.