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3 Genuine Reasons to Romance Your Marriage

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romance your marriage


It’d been a hard day. Nothing exceptional, really. Just hard.

The kids were cranky. The baby was miserable, cutting her first tooth. Poor thing. There was no way to help her understand why her mouth hurt.

Shannon was anxious for Brandon to get home from work. Getting through dinner without losing her mind would take a lot of effort. Oh what she’d give for some time just to herself!

“Ah, there’s the garage door. Finally.”

In walked Brandon with a big smile…and a huge bouquet of flowers!

Tears welled up and overflowed. The flowers were obviously from a grocery store or wayside stand, but who cares! He was thinking about her! Shannon’s heart melted.

Sometimes, romancing your marriage is little unexpected moments like this.

As mommas, we think that being romantic and needing romance somehow isn’t within the mothering guidebook.

I beg to differ.

You and your husband married for several reasons, but the main one was the love you had for each other. After the kids arrive, it is very important to continue nurturing your relationship with the love of your life.

Without the kids in the middle.

Children are born self-centered. We all are. But, you and your children need to understand that your relationship with your husband takes precedence over the children.

Here’s 3 reasons to genuinely romance your marriage:

  1. You need the heart connection. You married your husband because you loved him, loved spending time with him, and a myriad other reasons. Hopefully, one of those reasons is that he is your best friend. Just like your friendships with other women, you need to nurture this relationship. It is your most important relationship on earth. Someday the kids will be on their own. When that day comes you don’t want to look at the other person in your marriage and wonder, “who is this person?” Nurturing takes an investment of time. Make room in your schedule for “just the two of you” time.
  1. Your kids need to know they are second. Why? It creates security for a child knowing that Mom loves Dad and Dad loves Mom. Go ahead, cuddle in front of your kids. Let them know that you enjoy being together, just the two of you. Model a healthy marriage relationship. It doesn’t hurt your child to wait a moment while Mom and Dad share a hug and a kiss or two or five. Romance your marriage!
  1. You need romance and so does your husband. Forget romance novels! Indulge in the real thing with your husband. You may have to get creative with the kids around, but that’s half the fun. And, romance doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.
    • Flirt with each other while doing ordinary things
    • Have a water fight while washing the car
    • Watch a movie and snuggle on the couch – no kids allowed
    • Have a romantic candlelit dinner for two …  in your bedroom

You get the idea. Think creatively. If you have room in your budget for a lovely dinner together, go for it! Enjoy. If not, then find ways to date that don’t break the budget. Don’t let the budget be the excuse not to continue dating and romancing your marriage.

Romance will happen in the midst of the ordinariness of life if you are willing to create the space for it.

Rejuvenate your marriage and restore your soul in the process by romancing your marriage every day.

How do you and your spouse keep the romance alive?

Capture the extraordinary moments in the ordinariness of today. Especially the romantic ones. 🙂

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