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3 Christmas Promises to Pray Over Yourself, Marriage, and Family

By December 25, 2021December 1st, 2023No Comments
3 Promises

Merry Christmas! ? Isn’t it wonderful to celebrate the most incredible birthday party with the entire world?

Young couples get very creative these days with pregnancy announcements, gender reveal parties, and all things baby-related.

But no one will ever outdo God’s birth announcement for Jesus.

  • Angels lighting up the pitch-black sky
  • A star shining right on the place where Jesus was born
  • The smartest, wisest men traveling miles to bring Jesus kingly gifts

I love God’s way of celebrating good news and revealing His Christmas Promise.

And that’s what Jesus’ birth was and is. Good news for you and me.

As you and your loved ones celebrate Jesus’ birthday once again, I pray these Christmas promises over you.

1. Do not fear.

Heavenly Father, You had Your angels start their messages to each person in the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth with “Do not be afraid.” How well You know us. This Christmas, give us the faith and courage to look to You, to look on Jesus, and know that You’ve got us. You will never leave us alone to figure out life. You promised to be with us. Jesus, You are Immanuel—God WITH us. Because of Jesus, we choose to live life with You, trusting You for each day, accepting Your gift of no fear. The world wants to keep us fearful, but You repeatedly prove that we can focus on You and leave the fear behind. Thank you, Father.

2. Joy, peace, and hope.

Our Father in Heaven. You are holy and worthy of all glory, praise, and honor. It’s because of Who You are that we experience joy. Bless our home today with your presence. Please help us celebrate this season well, knowing that our joy is anchored in Jesus, our Hope. Where hurt has ruled in our home, please open pathways to resolve the issues and unite us as a family. If we grieve because someone is missing, Jesus, we ask You to flood your peace in each heart. Thank you for Your presence and promise. You are the greatest gift we could ever receive. Praise Your Name.

3. Blessing upon Blessing.

The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face shine upon and give you peace. May God’s protection be upon your home, each person and family represented. Holy Spirit, teach us how to love Jesus more, to become more like Him, and to serve each other out of that deep love. May God’s provision overflow on you today as you rest in Him, trusting Him to meet every need according to His riches in Christ Jesus. Father, increase the influence and impact of this family for Your honor and glory. Give us a boldness to speak Truth in the face of evil, to shine your light of grace and mercy where darkness rests. Thank You, Father, for every blessing. You are good.

Encourage your hearts with beautiful Christmas promises and this blessing:

Enjoy this special time with your loved ones. Remind yourself about God’s Christmas promises.

Jesus is born. Hallelujah!

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